Tax Preparation

Tax preparation

Individual and business

Whether you are a teenager with a summer job or a multi-million dollar corporation, we can help you. We match clients with the appropriate level of service to ensure their taxes are done efficiently and accurately. Whether a client even has a cell phone or prefers everything digitally, we are equipped to help. While we do utilize the latest commercial software to electronically file tax returns and ensure a quick refund, we feel having a personal connection is valuable to ourselves, our clients, and our community. Often tax deductions and benefits are overlooked because automated software as well as our impersonal competitors do not take the time to get to know you.

Due to the slow creep of national and state tax policy; income, homeownership, healthcare, and college are all affected and related to your income tax return. Our company spends considerable time educating ourselves on the constantly changing tax codes, so our client doesn’t need to. Give us call, stop by, or use our new client portal to let us help shoulder some of the annual burden that is tax preparation.